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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Offer of Help from Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs Director

On another positive note, we received correspondence from Muhammad Hassan, the Director at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, notifying us that he is interested in working with GEI in a variety of ways, including providing some funding for the girls' school as well as offering guidance. This is invaluable for GEI, as we still do not know exactly how much all the supplies will cost, etc.
To read more about their nonprofit, please visit their website:

Andrew's on his way

Andrew Council, guide for the Colorado Mountain School, will be leaving for Pakistan tomorrow morning on a personal trip to teach mountaineering skills to Baltistani. On his way he will be stopping over at the village Khane to talk with our contact over there. The plan is that he will get as much information as possible from Abbas. He is basically gathering the information that GEI needs to know to implement the girls' school renovation plan. Some of the things we need to find out include: how many students at the girls' school, what they need exactly, and the cost and type of repairs that need to be done for the school to function better.