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Monday, July 12, 2010

Email update from Eleanor Moseman, a women traveling around China to raise funds for Girls Education International

Dear All,

Hope everyone is having a great summer and keeping cool - I know many are seeing record breaking temperatures.

I pedaled my way through record breaking temps in Hulun Buir (the China side of Siberia and the land of NOTHING) just 2 weeks ago. 40 degrees C, a hell of a headwind, and a blazing sun. You would not believe the sun's intensity that far north - the beautiful crimson sunsets make up for it. At that latitude you get approximately 5 hours of night...yeah, no sleeping in and you can possibly ride over 16 hours a day. That is, if your body can handle it. It's not the aches of your body per se, it's the sizzling of your skin, that cuts those mid afternoon hours out. I can not explain the sun to those who have never experienced's insane.

Thanks to those loyal followers of my blog and hope if you haven't yet visited, you'll take a couple minutes and go on over to

More importantly - I hope you take some time to read about the 2 charities I am raising money for. There will be a book and I am currently discussing with some American men currently traveling clockwise around China about a collaboration book project. A percentage of sales of book(s), along with sales of photos (I've already received some requests), will be going directly to Girls Education International.

I've traveled along the Grand Canal, looked out into Russia, climbed mountains, sank knee deep in mud, suffered from dysentery for a week, cycled through sand with dunes as my only company, met random Russian cyclists - one only wearing a pair of shorts with flower stickers on his bike, rode along galloping wild horses, ate dog?, held against my will for 3 hours with thousands of death threats, barely pushed 9km/hour because of headwinds, tastes of baijiu, daily laundry in sinks, went days without a shower, snuck into crumbling Japanese forts, sunburns, fought with a a drunken motorcyclist that wouldn't leave me alone, butt bruises, bloody nose (wind I believe), ran out of water, slept behind bushes on the side of the road, spent my first night in a real yurt.....

.....speaking Mandarin to speak English once a week....and experienced authentic loneliness.

Recently I was interviewed by BUST Magazine. Never would of imagined this honor - as I've been a loyal reader for many many years. Keep a look out or I'll keep you posted.

My biggest thanks goes to all the wonderful people I have met in the past 2 months. As much as a solo Explorer attempts to be self sufficient - I wouldn't have made it past 1000km without the kindness and generosity of strangers. These are the people that have made this ride a success - and have helped to maintain my safety. Truly.

E Moseman

$820 raised at IMCD Women's Rock Weekend.

Heidi and Lizzy had a fantastic time in New Hampshire at the IMCS Women's Rock Weekend! Heidi's slideshow was well attended and, as always, super fun to watch. All of us at GEI want to extend a big thank you to IMCS, all the awesome ladies who organized and attended the event. We raised $820 for GEI with the T-Shirt sales and the silent auction. Read more & see photos by clicking here.