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Saturday, January 13, 2007

More Info on GEI

Well, since the website isn't up yet, I'm going to include a few posts that detail more about the GEI projects that we are currently working on. The first is educating two Nepali girls.

Educating Nisa and Sonam Lama, two Nepali sisters.
Heidi and I went on an expedition to India in 2004. We befriended our cook, Jamling Lama, who has two daughters: 10-year-old Nisa and 9-year-old Sonam. The girls lived in a remote village in Nepal that had no schools. Likely, they would have been married off at a young age and never received an education, and so I offered to pay for a mid-range school in Kathmandu. Now Jamling, Nisa, and Sonam, and Jamling’s sister all live in a one-bedroom apartment in Kathmandu. Nisa and Sonam attend school. In 2003 and 2004 I paid for the girls; in 2005, Heidi and I organized a fundraiser that paid the $200 fee for the school; and in 2006, my father, John Scully, and Diana Laughlin helped me pay the $200 fee. I'd like to pay for the children all the way through college, which will require more funding that what I will be able to provide. Incorporating this project into GEI will hopefully ensure that these girls get that opportunity.

The photos are of 9-year-old Sonam, and Heidi with Sonam, Nisa, and their father, Jamling, and Jamling's sister (I'm sorry I don't know her name). They are in their one-room apartment in Kathmandu.

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