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Friday, August 17, 2007

The latest from Pakistan

This letter was sent to all the GEI volunteers from Heidi in regards to Fabrizio, his trip to K2, and the Zach Martin Breaking Barriers Grant that he won and is using to help lay the groundwork for renovating the Khane school:

Hello everyone,

So, one of the team members from Fabrizio's team just
got back. He said that he went with Fabrizio to one of
Greg M's schools. The info he gave was not as good as
in greg's book. Sounds like there is a problem in the
trickle of money. I guess that the people working at
the school have not been getting there full salary's.
Not sure exactly what is going on, but just goes to
show that no matter how good of a ground structure you
have, things can still get off track over there. Just
something that we should keep in mind. Would be nice
to avoid this type of problem if we can. He did say
that everyone had good things to say about Greg, they
just wanted help. So, I am going to try and contact
Greg and see if there is anything that he can do.

Info on Fabrizio: He just got down from a push style
attempt at the summit of k2. After about 36 hrs they
were turned back due to bad conditions. Sounds like
most people have left base camp. So, hopefully he will
be in Khane soon.

Also, I recieved a check from Jim Donnini at the OR
show. He says he whole heartedly agrees with what we
are doing and wants to contribute $100 every year.

That's it for now.

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