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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Emily Sherman-Davis' second report on Liberia

This is Emily Sherman Davis’ second report

I made my first trip to Kakata, Margibi County on August 6, 2008, and returned to Monrovia on the evening of that same day . I also traveled to Bong County on August 14, 2008, where I spent two days. The purpose of both trips was to pay the fees of beneficiaries of the GEI/CGS Girls’ Scholarship.

We received the amount of US$1500.00 from GEI to pay the fees for the students who are on the scholarship. The prevailing rate is 60 LD to 1 US$ bring the total amount to LD 90,000.00 after the exchange was done.

I was not able to take pictures because the students are yet to start school in September. The month of August is strictly for registration and admission. We intend to take individual pictures of the students at their schools and in their uniforms when we visit during our first assessment.

We want to thank the GEI for the contributions it is making towards ensuring that girls can get education in Liberia

Very important Observation

During our calculations I observed that we had earlier told the GEI that the beneficiaries were only 42. This information was posted on the GEI blog. However the report sent for the selection had 47 (that is if you count the number against the selected schools). Unfortunately, neither institutions made that observation.

I am pleased to inform you that the beneficiaries are 47 as stated in the financial reports for payment:

St. Martins (Bong County) 10 students
Methodist (Bong County) 11 students
Dekegar ( Margibi County) 11 students
E. J. Yancy (Margibi County) 10 students
St. Christopher (Margibi County) 5 students

Total Beneficiaries 47 students

I think it is very important to make this clarification.

Sincerely yours
Emily Sherman-Davi
Project Coordinator – GEI/CGS Scholarship Fund
Program Director - CGS

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