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Friday, November 14, 2008

Response from Emily Sherman-Davis, Liberia

This note is from Common Ground Society's Program Director Emily Sherman-Davis in response to a note I sent her along with those terrible statistics I published on my blog yesterday. I wrote, "Those statistics make me feel sick." She responded:


I can understand how you feel, but it is also pathetic when you see the girls or the victims themselves. The personal tragedy is too terrible and I can tell you stories upon stories of what I saw during the war. When it comes to rape, especially up country, people are too scared to talk about it, women are seen as tools to be used by men, girls get ostracized because of rape and sometimes even blamed. Women live in a very harsh world here. It is only now that thngs are taking a different trend. We have a woman president and she is doing her best. But women need to stand up for themselves. How can they, when they can't get an education. This is the struggle and it is going to be a long and ardous journey. I am happy that your organization is helping our girls. Someday, it is my desire that you come and see this country and the children you are helping.


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