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Monday, May 18, 2009

GEI Enewsletter #1, section B

Grant finished, grantors needed
In December, GEI co-founder Lizzy Scully finalized a grant proposing the expansion of the GEI-CGS Liberia Scholarship Program. The program currently provides school fees to 47 girls in the mountainous regions of Liberia. The proposed grant seeks to garner funds to provide a total of 50 girls in Bong and Margibi counties with scholarships, stipends for uniforms, books, ID cards, a daily meal, and an after school Reproductive Health Education Program. GEI is currently searching for donor organizations and foundations that might be interested in supporting this expansion.

GEI welcomes new board member
A mediator and facilitator for Colorado-based CDR Associates, Jennifer Graham brings a wealth of experience to GEI. In addition to earning an M.S. at Cornell University in natural resources and receiving two Ford Foundation Fellowships, she has spent four years with the Peace Corps and the German Technical Cooperation in Malawi, Africa. She has both a command of Chitumbuka (a Bantu language) and an understanding of non-governmental organization work. Additionally, she facilitated the creation of Liberia’s first trans-boundary Peace Park with its neighbors in Guinea and Cote d’Ivoire in the Nimba region of the country.

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