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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Beats for Books a success! Note from the Executive Director, Lizzy Scully

Wow, we really had a great turnout for Beats for Books, as well as an enthusiastic crowd. Before costs, we've cleared $6000, but it could be closer to $7000 as many people haven't paid for their silent auction items yet. This is fantastic. We are thrilled. We have so many people to thank... where to start?! I'll list all the amazing people below. First a recap of the evening.

We started out a bit late, with clinics beginning around 6. Oskar Blues beer and food from Sherpas and Whole Foods was served around that same time, as well as wine generously donated by Market Square Liquor and chai donated by Third Street Chai. Lynn Hill's fun and engaging presentation began around 8 or so. She showed video footage of an early ascent with Beth Bennett, along with footage of the Nose, and then, finally and most hilarious, a clip of her night on David Letterman. I always love when Lynn speaks because she captures everyone's attention within minutes. All she has to do is start talking and showing slides, and people stop what they are doing to watch. I want to extend a special thanks to Lynn for helping us out! She also taught a clinic, which received great reviews. I wish I could have taken it, but I was running around like a madwoman trying to answer questions every 2 minutes or so. Madness. But fun madness.

After Lynn's show, Heidi did a very short presentation on Girls Ed, and then Malcolm Daly, owner of Great Trango Holdings, led the Live Auction bidding. He was hilarious. He interviewed each of the athletes present and managed to get the audience to bid a minimum of $100 per athlete, but in some cases close to $300. Go Mal!

The silent auction opened when the doors opened. Few people bid initially, but by the end of the evening we had close to 100 people bidding, and that brought in a huge chunk of cash. Malcolm Daly and Isaac Savitz made the highest bid for Janet Guenther's painting of Jonny Copp with the Indian Guru. Thanks to all three of you!

Last but not least, Patrick Megeath, aka Dirt Monkey, played incredible music all night. The evening ended around midnight with volunteers still enthusiastically helping clean and put stuff away, while boogying to Dirt Monkey's beats.

Oh yeah, and I must not forget to let everyone know that this was a very low-waste event. We used all corn-based, compostable cups and utensils as well as compostable napkins and paper plates. We also recycled all the beer cans, Izze bottles, and pretty much everything. My truck is completely packed with stuff (and is also now totally covered with snow because of this monster snowstorm that just hit the Front Range). Thanks to Eco-Cycle for providing the zero-waste bins for free.

Special thanks to Eric Noll and Carolyn McHale for putting a ton of time into the event. We really appreciate your efforts!

Also, special thanks to our title sponsors...

The North Face has been a long-time supporter of Girls Education International, consistently donating high-dollar items for our silent auctions. In fact, they have donated the most high-dollar items to Girls Ed since we started. The North Face rocks!

The Spot Gym not only donated their space and their employees, but they also donated some money for silent and live auction items. Thanks so much Dan Howley, Jackie, Alex, Andrew, Brett, and Ashley Woods. You guys and gals are amazing and generous, and you have a rockin' bouldering gym!

Oskar Blues has been supportive of Girls Ed for the last year, supplying beer on a small scale to meetings and small parties. We welcome them on board as larger donors. Thanks especially to their marketing guy, Chad Melis. He served the beer and auctioned himself off, bringing $120 in to Girls Ed. Lucky winner Kevin McGarvey will be spending an afternoon with him mountain biking and then touring the Oskar Blues Brewery and drinking beer.

Thanks also to the following volunteers and athletes!
Justin Voorhees, who is the CFO for Girls Ed, and Brook helped out throughout the evening.
Madaleine Sorkin auctioned herself off, raising $225 for Girls Ed, and she taught a clinic and helped throughout the evening.
Annette Yuan made the delicious desserts and helped during the event.
Cary Jobe donated a beautiful picture and served wine.
Russell Holcomb took all the video and helped run the slide show & video presentations.
Roshan Roghani donated the fine Boulder Balm products and helped out at the event. Plus she is on our Board of Directors.
Melissa and Joel Love donated one of Joel's photos and spent half the night in the silent auction room with their adorable son, Elijah.
John Lloyd took photos all night.
Boulder Adventure Films provide films and Sam to help run them all night.
Katie Brown and Emily Harrington brought in close to $300 for the live auction, auctioning themselves off as a team.
Robyn and Shawn Ebesfield-Rabotou taught a clinic
Lisa McAlister, who is on the Girls Ed Advisory Board, spent a few hours in the silent auction area and helped close out the auction.
Eddie Clark donated a day of action photography.
Kelly Cordes raised $225 by being auctioned off for a day of ice climbing.
Caolan MacMahon spent Sunday afternoon with Girls Ed at Whole Foods and helped out at the event.
Malcolm Daly did a fantastic job of being the auctioneer for the live auction.
Alex Honnold donated a day of his time to climb with a lucky person from The Spot Gym. He brought in $225.
Chris Weidner brought in $100 to support girls ed by auctioning himself off for a day.
Majka Burhardt brought in $100 in the live auction as well.
And thanks to all these volunteers for being available throughout the evening: Victoria Mata, Mike Newlands, Aly Nicklas, Heather Swallow, Sarah Watson, Brook from Lulu Lemon, and Kestrel Hanson.
And thanks to the Boulder Rock club for loaning us tables and selling tickets, and to Neptune Mountaineering and The North Face store for selling tickets.
Last, but certainly not least, thanks to all our donors and sponsors: Clif Bar, Stonewear, Neptune Mountaineering, Boulder Balm, Eddie Clark Photography, the American Alpine Club, Jetboil, Green Guru, Izze, Hugger Mugger, Julbo, Boulder Rock Club, Ames Adventure Outfitters, Manduka, Evolv, Climbing Magazine, Adventure Medical Kits, Glassworks of Estes, Boldface Design, Pacific Outdoor Equipment, Suunto, Market Square Liquor, and Third Street Chai. The art donated by: Suspended Stone Designs, Dan Gambino, Topher Donahue, Pattie Lee Becker, Janet Guenther, Emilie Lee, Renan Ozturk, Joel Love, Celin Serbo, Keith Ladzinski, Cary Jobe, and a wonderful man named Tim (whose last name I did not get, sorry Tim!). He brought two paintings in last minute.

I'm sure I'm missing some people. So sorry if I am, but you know who you are. All of you are ensuring that Girls Education International can maintain our programs in Liberia and Nepal and start our new program in Pakistan in 2010.


Photos to come soon.

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