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Monday, November 16, 2009

United States doesn't make top ten best places to live for women

Best and Worst Places In Terms of Women's Freedom
Sun, 03/16/2008

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The world that humanity lives today faces critical changes in various fields, be it human rights, environment protection or information technology. For centuries people fought for their rights and during the whole history of human existence women were considered inferior to men. Today women have more freedom and are granted more power than they had in the past, but still, the image of a contemporaneous woman, who is self-confident, successful and surrounded by the glowing feminine aura, is greatly spoiled in some of the countries.

A lot of women today have to face violence, discrimination and ignorance that prevailed long time ago. According to Taina Bien-Aime, executive director of New York-based Equality Now, not one woman of the 21st century can feel fully free. Surely the world shows significant progress in terms of women's rights. There are improved laws, better education and ability for women to earn more money. These improvements, however, were not able to reach some of the globe's regions, were old problems are still on, and where women cannot feel protected.

afghanistan_womanMost of problems for women occur in poor countries. But it is worth mentioning that no matter what country a woman is in, if she is a refugee then she is very vulnerable. Women face so many issues that finding the top 10 worst places were they hardly feel like women or don't feel like that at all is quite difficult. The list shown below points out the countries with such severe violations of women's rights that even murder is considered to be something usual.

According to Cheryl Hotchkiss, who works as the campaigner for women's rights at Amnesty International Canada, there are lots and lots of obstacles that women have to face in order to receive proper education. Despite the free education some mothers refuse to give their daughters to school due to the fact that their girls can be kidnapped and raped.

Taking care of pregnant woman is a great issue as well. Very often women in poor countries are forced to marry very early. In addition from a young age they get pregnant. A very serious problem for women is linked with infections with HIV/AIDS.

Because women cannot control their own destiny, their lives may be forever affected since early childhood. The worst places for women are considered to be:

1. Afghanistan

2. Democratic Republic of Congo

3. Iraq

4. Nepal

5. Sudan

6. Guatemala

7. Mali

8. Pakistan

9. Saudi Arabia

10. Somali (especially its capital Mogadishu)

Women living in some of these countries face domestic violence, rape and in addition the upper mentioned countries register the highest rate of HIV/AIDS. Mali, for instance, is the place where most women suffer from genital mutilation and where one in ten women dies during pregnancy or childbirth. Pakistan is where men's crimes are punished through gang-rape of their women.

In terms of life expectancy, level of education and standard of living, some of the best places for women are considered to be:

1. Iceland
2. Norway
3. Australia
4. Canada
5. Ireland
6. Sweden
7. Switzerland
8. Japan
9. Netherlands
10. France

The data provided in this article is taken from the UNDP Gender-related development index. The full list is available at:

Iceland surpassed Norway as the most favorable place for women, and generally speaking, as one of the wealthiest countries in the world, Iceland is considered to be the most desirable place to live in. Such opinion was presented in the annual U.N. table, which was published on March 11, 2008.

The United States have the 12th place. It is worth mentioning that last year the country was 8th in the U.N. Human Development Index.

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