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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Dekegar Public School Students Out-Perform Other Schools

At Dekegar Public School in Montserrado County, Liberia, there were 20 7th graders during the 2008-2009 school year, 11 of whom were supported by the GEI-CGS Scholarship Program. Out of all our schools, the girls we support at Dekegar performed the best in the 2008-2009 school year. We continue to support these girls and will report on their grades for the 2009-2010 school year as soon as they arrive.

Famata Harris ranked 1st in her class, getting a 98% in Literature, Geography, and Health, but also getting above 90% in Science and Religious Education. Her average grade was just above 89%. Read about five of our girls and what they had to say on our blog:

Henriette Tamba ranked a close 2nd, and had an average grade of just below 89%. She excelled in Geography, History, Healthy, Science, Religious Education and Vocabulary.
Henriette is one of our self-supported students. She has lived on her own for many years, and survives by running a small business. “As for my education, thank God for the Girls Education International Program,” Henriette says. “It has granted me a scholarship to enable me to gain my education.”

Rebecca Kollie ranks 3rd in her class, with just above an 87% average. She excelled in English, Literature, Geography, Health, Science and Vocabulary. According to the principal at Rebecca’s school, she is a “smart, obedient, and hardworking student.” She lived with her mother, but because her stepfather regularly beat her and was generally unsupportive of her desire to pursue an education, she moved to her aunt’s house. She now lives in peace and is benefiting from the Girls’ Scholarship.

Annie Jouah ranks 5th in her class with a GPA of 85%. She excelled in Geography and Religious Education. Annie is another one of our self-supported students. She earns money by planting small crops and selling them locally. With the Common Ground Society/Girls Education International program, she was able to go to school. “Now she acts like a happy teenager,” says Emily Sherman-Davis, the Liberia Program Director.
According to Annie: “I’m grateful to be on the scholarship program, and I will do my best to make the supporters of this program proud.”

Graciel Holder ranks 10th and has a GPA of about 82%. Graciel excelled in Literature and Religious Education. She currently lives with her mother (no name given) and has never completed any academic school year due to financial problems. “My daughter is all I have in this life, and I really want the best for her,” says her mother. “But my hands are short. I’m not working, and she doesn’t have a dad. But thank God that with the help of the Girls Education International scholarship program she was able to be in school and was promoted to the next class due to the program.” Graciel’s mother continued by saying education was the most important way to help girls. “One can never repay those who are helping our girls,” her mother continued. “Many thanks to Girls Education International.

Atura Garway ranks 11th in and has a GPA of about 82%. She excelled in History and Vocabulary. Atura lived with her brother and his wife for many years, but was treated poorly by her husband’s wife. She was not supported in her efforts to get an education, and she was made to do a lot of work without any recompense. “I decided to move to live on my own,” says Atura. “Now I’m self supported and in school due to a scholarship program and I’m really grateful for that.”

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