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Monday, September 28, 2009

2 Wheels 4 Girls

September note from Eleanor regarding the prep for her fund/awareness raising trip though China ... to be followed by additional updates.

After my late night email to you both, I tried to go to sleep but my mind
was swirling with ideas for a website. Right now - I am re-doing my photo
one but I hope to be finished by the end of September.

I was thinking of building a pretty basic site that would incorporate the
blog so people in China can see it.


I'll buy the domain and throw it on my server this month...get those promo
cards made with the website address - along with website. The
main page can have direct links to the blogs and in the
meantime. I was looking more into and what's nice is that
people can have their names listed for donation - I think people find that
appealing. Maybe we can look more into that, and give people the option to
donate through that or contact you all for the "tax deduction".

As for sections, I was thinking of breaking it up as so:

-Girls Ed (you all can send me an html page or just text/pics
-Financial Goal, link to the Firstgiving page
-Sponsors & Gear Review
-Thanks. A page for those fellows/websites/books that have helped with my
planning thus far and list of donors of $100+
-Pics / Video (to be after trip)
-Contact page

I'm multifaceted and can usually put a basic HTML site together in a

Would either of you happen to have a "Sponsorship Form" or a place where I
can download one?

Also, do we have a financial goal? What's an amount that could finish the
work on a current project for you all and get you started onto another?

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