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Monday, September 28, 2009

The SLC Pray the Devil showing, Tuesday Sept. 22

The SLC Pray the Devil screening was a big success with 85 people showing up and more than $500 raised! Kudos to our new board member, Rai Farrelly, for organizing the event, and also a big thanks to board member Amanda Padoan and former board member Jennifer Graham for donating the film and coming up with the idea for the screening.

Here are some excerpts from a note from Rai with details about the event:

"Props to the venue - Brewvies gave us $50 off the rental as their contribution to the cause!! I sold all 10 DVDs that Caitlin sent me to sell at the event."

"I had a form at the front where my friends were helping sell tickets to see what worked in terms of getting the word out. The majority said they heard it through me or 'a friend'. Several found out on Brewvies website, several on Facebook, two on SL Film Center's site, three from U of Utah mailings and one from another blast from a nonprofit I work with here.... So clearly - word of mouth was best and biggest!"

"Everyone was so touched, moved, inspired by the documentary and several wanted more info about GEI."

Comments from guests who came to the SLC screening:
Thanks for orchestrating the showing of the movie tonight. I am the lady from Zimbabwe and my life's work is to support women in Africa. I did not have my card with me tonight but you can read all about me on my website at Good luck and thank you for the work you are doing for the people of Africa.
Sabina Zunguze.

I had the opportunity to watch the movie today and bought a couple of the DVDs but i did not have time to thank you in person. So, thank you for organizing this, it is a remarkable story that is worth telling. And, the effort that your non-profit is doing is worth supporting.

I could not find the group on Facebook, it would be good idea to have one so we can stay informed of events like this.

Good luck
Rai - Thanks again for the wonderful night at Brewvies. I'm not sure that we weren't being stacktavists still, seeing as we were sitting on our behinds watching a movie. But, I hear you! Thanks to those people who make activism easy! -Alicia
Hey girl,
Great event tonight. Props to your efforts and its success. Would love to chat with you more about how you are involved. Time for coffee or a glass of wine sometime?

That was amazing..really got me thinking, reflecting, crying, laughing, and appreciating, and hopefully much more after some additional reflection. Thanks so much for hosting this event; it definately reminded me of the importance a single person can make :).


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