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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

What's new?

We have a full board of directors now (though we are always looking for more people who are passionate about girls' education). Our latest members are Rai Farelly, a gal out of SLC who is getting a PhD in linguistics and who already runs a nonprofit educating children in Tanzania. Roshan Roghani, owner of Boulder Balm and a student at CU, Boulder, is our other very enthusiastic board member. Welcome to our new board members! I will be posting more information on these ladies on the website later this month.

In other news, we just received a $1000 donation from the new clothing company, 4Knuckles LLC. Thanks to the owner, Scott Strode! Scott also runs the nonprofit, Phoenix Multisports, which helps alcoholics beat their disease by providing them with opportunities to explore the outdoors. Go Scott!

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